We're creating new ways to improve dementia science and healthy longevity.

Image of Jon Corkey, Founder and CEO

Jon Corkey

Founder and CEO
Image of Colby Ford, VP of Technology and Co-Founder

Colby T. Ford, Ph.D.

VP of Technology, Co-Founder
Image of Ben Tingey, Partnership Development

Ben Tingey, MHA

Partnership Development
Image of Jake Pfaffenroth, Application Developer

Jake Pfaffenroth, Ph.D.

Application Developer
Image of Eh Wah, Wearables Developer

Eh Wah

Wearables Developer
Image of Brinnae Bent, Digital Health Data Science Advisor

Brinnae Bent, Ph.D.

Digital Health Data Science Advisor
Image of Amber Fencl, Digital Health Executive Advisor

Amber Fencl

Digital Health Executive Advisor