Amissa Platform - Frequently Asked Questions

How is Amissa using my data?

We use data to advance research in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. We may use data to build algorithms or perform analyses to better model disease progression, predict disease effects, or compare diseased individuals, en masse, to the general population.

Who else will have access to my data?

If you're using AmissaOrbis (or enrolled in a study that uses this app), Amissa internal personnel and research organization personnel for any studies in which you’re enrolled can see your data.

If you’re using AmissaCare (or your caregiver is using this app), Amissa internal personnel and any caregivers who have added you as a care subject can see your data.

Will my insurance company see my data?

No, we don’t send your data to your (or any) insurance companies.

How does Amissa protect my data?

Amissa’s cloud-based infrastructure, where all your data is held, is ISO 27001:2013-compliant. Data are stored in an encrypted database that is only accessible through our secure API. Plus, device data and personal data are stored separately in our systems.

Do I need to sign anything to participate in this research data?

By using AmissaWear, you agree to the terms of the EULA. Also, on your watch device, you can grant permission to the types of data that the app can capture. So, you don’t need to sign anything to agree to data collection. However, if you enroll in a research study, the research organization may have other paperwork for you to sign.

Will participants see aggregated data and from all participants?

In AmissaCare, we show individuals and caregivers their own data in AmissaCare. This is aggregated to the hourly or daily level.

In AmissaOrbis, researchers see both aggregate and raw data for individual study participants and aggregate data across their entire cohort of participants.

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