Amissa empowers Families to find missing loved ones in seconds.

  • When Alzheimers or related dementias strike our senior generation, Amissa enables caregivers to monitor the location of loved ones on a mobile device.

  • Location data can be shared with family, neighbors, friends, and law enforcement personnel to help reconnect with a wandering loved one.


Families and wandering experts told us what they loved,what they hated, and what they wished for in a perfect tracking device. 

  • While other companies build products, Amissa builds solutions. Collaboration with families, wandering experts, and doctors, combined with our partnerships with advanced technology researchers enables Amissa to deliver superior solutions to caregivers.

  • We inspected dozens of tracking devices and identified their positive features as well as their weaknesses. We recognized an opportunity to build solutions that improve capabilities and performance while eliminating the weaknesses found in other devices.